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What is fflecsi Bwcabus?

fflecsi Bwcabus is a flexible, bookable local bus service, designed to meet the needs of rural residents. The fflecsi Bwcabus rural transportation model operates within a specific zone providing both fixed route services and pre-booked demand responsive journeys, allowing you the possibility to travel where and when you want, in comparison with a conventional bus service.


fflecsi Bwcabus demand responsive services

If you don’t have a bus service or if the times are not suitable, take advantage of the fflecsi Bwcabus demand responsive service. Our app is the easiest way to use fflecsi Bwcabus – the app shows you where the ffecsi Bwcabus service is, where it will pick up you and when it will arrive. Or book by calling us on 0300 234 0300 6am-11pm Monday – Saturday, 7am-7pm Sunday.

Register for free via our app or call centre.


fflecsi Bwcabus fixed route services

fflecsi Bwcabus has a number of fixed routes that operate on certain days, the fixed routes do not require pre-booking or registration. Just turn up and catch the bus as you would for a regular bus service.

Ceredigion/Carmarthenshire Fixed Routes

Pembrokeshire Fixed Routes


Where can I go?

fflecsi Bwcabus enables passengers to travel between local towns, villages or connect with local and TrawsCymru bus services.

fflecsi Bwcabus – making connections with TrawsCymru and TrawsCymru Connect services.

Our services can be used to travel to work, school, health appointments, leisure and shopping. The list is endless.